Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Opening Fri, April 4, Claire Watkins, Joe Deroche, Rosana Barragan

presents new work by
Claire Watkins (kinetic sculpture, drawings)
Joe Deroche (mixed media paintings)
Rosana Barragan (performance)

Opening Friday, April 4th, 7-10pm
Performaces by Rosana Barragan
will occur on the opening night at 8 and 9pm
Show runs April 4-26

321 Brook Rd. (between Broad and Marshall St.)
Richmond, VA 23220

Gallery hours: Thurs, Fri, 11-6, Sat 12-5,
or call for appointment

Claire Watkins received her BFA from Kansas City Art Institue in 1996. In 2004, she received her MFA in Sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Her artist statement:
'The digestive system turns food into eyelashes. I am in awe of the minutiae and delicate actions that make up everyday life. The machines I build reflect this awe and wonder. My work is intimate, curious and mesmerizing in its gestures. The translation of energy is both a functional and conceptual part of my work... With movement, I make machines that become creatures.

I am fascinated by systems found within the body and the parallel structures located outside of it; the human brain and circuit boards, nerve systems and trees. How is the brain a computer and how is it an electrical storm? The affects of electricity are curious. Neurons fire in your head with the memories of your life. Your toast gets burned. Electricity has a visual presence in my work, traveling through motors, lights, wires microcontrollers and drawings that are circuit boards. I want to expose the invisibility of electricity, a physical reminder of its presence.'

Joe Deroche incorporates poured resins, layers of glass, sculpted metals, and highly polished surfaces in his hybrid paintings. Geographical formations mixed with transparent and semi-transparent layers combine to reference seemingly fictional histories of place. Transmission is proud to present this artist's public debut.

Rosana Barragan is a performing artist originally from Colombia, South America and currently residing in Richmond. She has a Master’s degree in Dance from the Laban Centre in London and a Bachelor’s degree in Communication & Social Studies from Javeriana University in Colombia. Her performances address social and political issues in environments that challenge audience perspectives. She has received various grants and awards for choreography in Colombia, Mexico and England. Her works have been shown in different theaters, galleries, museums, public spaces and festivals in Colombia, Ecuador, Portugal, England, Mexico and the US. This performance marks her debut in Richmond.

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